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Dragon Kings Boxset Three (Books 11-15)

Dragon Kings Boxset Three (Books 11-15)

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Over 500,000 copies sold. 5,000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The Dragon Kings Book Eleven
Liam has to tell a big lie to save his neck and now the web he's woven threatens to break...
The Dragon Kings Book Twelve
Word is out that dragon babies have been hatched and now Sid's kingship is on the line...
The Dragon Kings Book Thirteen
Sid in a mission to find the dragons that are killing his people....
The Dragon Kings Book Fourteen
Ruby wakes up in the arms of the one guy she swore she’d never fall for...
The Dragon Kings Book Fifteen
Liam has to tell Isa the truth or she will die, but she doesn't believe him....


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Best dragon paranormal romance I have read!" -Reviewer

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I love a series because one book is never enough. And each book will have you binging before you even know it." -Reviewer

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Addictive series! If you are like me and binge read, make sure the house is clean before you start, then enjoy. :)-Reviewer


Liam risked everything to protect Isa, including a lie he wants to take back.

Now Isa wants answers and he has to do anything he can to change his lie into the truth. If Isa finds out before he does, he’s a dead man….

He enlists Grace to help him, but she’s too busy worrying about Jude to notice.

She’s been in love with Jude for as long as she can remember and when he suddenly starts paying attention to her, she doesn’t know what to do.

Liam and Grace both set out to follow their hearts, but will they break instead?

First Chapter

Liam waited for Isa to say something. Anything. Her room suddenly felt small and hot. He tugged at his collar. He should’ve found a place further away from the fireplace. But there was nowhere to go. 

He’d just bared his heart to her, and she hadn’t said a word. It was possible that she didn’t feel the same way, probable even, and if he was being honest, he wasn’t really in love with her. Sure, she made him feel things he’d never felt before. But he needed to save his own neck, and he would tell her whatever he thought would convince her to not cut off his head. Plus, this was the best way to keep her safe because then he could stay close to her.

“Love,” she finally said. “That’s something I’m not entirely familiar with. I’ve lived my whole life behind these walls. I have contact with a total of five men my age and only one other that I’ve felt any sort of attraction to. I’ve read about love, and that’s how I know I wasn’t in love with Jude.” She hesitated and reached for his hands. “But, Liam, I’m not sure I’m in love with you.”

Liam swallowed, the rejection stinging even though he wasn’t being honest with her. He took a step closer, keeping their fingers intertwined. “Is it possible that you could love me, given enough time?”

He was young. Only eighteen. And he’d never been in a real relationship in his life. But this woman was unlike anyone he’d ever met. She was innocent in so many ways but held enormous power, and he had this overwhelming urge to protect her. He could see himself by her side for the eternities, and that terrified him.

Plus, his parents would kill him. He wasn’t ready for this, and yet he was. 

A ghost of a smile flitted around her lips. “Maybe. But I just don’t know.” She went quiet for a few moments, and then her eyes lit up. “If you’re in love with me, then you must have the sealing mark. I’ve never seen one before. Can you show me?”

Oh no. He hadn’t thought of this complication. He’d spent too much time with human girls. Of course, she’d expect a mark. That’s how dragons knew they were in love. They sealed themselves to each other. No wonder she immediately knew she wasn’t in love with him. He had to think fast.

“Um. No offense, Isa, but I’m a little embarrassed that you don’t love me back. I mean, I already knew you didn’t because my mark doesn’t have your name yet, but I thought that maybe you were just holding back, and once I confessed my love to you, you’d seal back.” There was no mark at the moment, but she’d expect there to be one. Sealings were beautiful, marked with loops and swirls in the color of the dragon you are sealed to, but for the mark to be permanent, it would contain the name of the dragon they loved.

Her face fell. “Okay, no peeking until I love you back. You know, the idea of taking a king has never been spoken of, but I suppose I must, at some point. If I have no heirs, the magic dies with me.”

“The magic?” He swallowed and focused. This was what he was here for. Not to fall in love. Felix would call him a fool, and he’d be right. Liam was mucking his plan up even though he was trying to keep her safe. She didn’t even think there was any danger, but the day she nearly died by crossbow was burned into his brain.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Yes, the magic that protects the dragons from sight. I should speak to Pierre about us. He will know what I should do.”

Liam pulled her close. Pierre was his most likely suspect, and if she went to him, asking to take on a king, he’d be threatened. Liam’s mind whirled with the implications. He wasn’t ready for this. Then again, maybe he was.

“Pierre will tell you what to do with your heart? Come on, Isa, I know you like me, and you know what he would say to us being together. Why would you let him decide that?”

She rested her head on his shoulder, and he stroked her hair.

“Liam, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking. If you love me, and if you choose to become my king, you might never be able to leave this island again. Our children will be bound by the same magic I am and will be under constant threat from rebels and others who want to kill them. I know the sealing marks are forever if I seal back to you, but now, you still have a choice.”

He leaned away and placed a finger on her chin. “Isa, there is nothing more that I want in this world than to be with you. I don’t care about the sacrifices.” These were lies that had to be told. He hated himself for the deceit, but it was necessary to save both of them.

She pulled away, determination on her face, and studied him, her eyes roaming his body. “If you really love me, then I’m willing to explore this and see where it goes. But I want to make sure you fully understand our world, and I want to know more about yours.”

He gave a nod.

“You’ve given me a lot to think about. I will send Grace for you later. Goodbye, Liam.”

He wanted to reach for her, kiss her, hold her, something, but she’d dismissed him. This certainly wasn’t what he wanted, but he’d take it for now. To protect himself.

To protect her.

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