Author Extraordinaire/Director of Marketing

Kimberly Loth

Kimberly has been writing books for nearly fifteen years. She currently lives in Missouri with her family. She loves traveling and spending time with her grandchildren. She also writes under the name Kimmy Loth. She is available for school visits and other appearances, both in person and virtual. Contact for more information.

She is a Forest Dragon.

Director of Supply Chain Operations

Will Hurst

Will is our expert shipper. He packages and sends out all your beautiful books. He lives with his wife-Author Extraordinaire-and spends most of his free time mowing their 30 acre property.

Will is a Woodlands Dragon.

Director of Brand and Community Operations

Xandi Chugg

Xandi lives takes care of all of social media and customer service. If you email our team, more than likely, she's the one you're talking to. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

Xandi is a Forest Dragon.

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Director of Ecommerce

Nathan Chugg

Nathan manages Kimberly's massive catalog (all 70+) books and makes sure they are up to date and available in all formats (shoutout to you audio book lovers, you can thank him). He lives in Missouri with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

Nathan is a Mountain Dragon.

Director of Productivity Operations

Virginia Wall

Virginia keeps us all in line. She manages our calendars and makes sure we're all doing our job. She's also an expert at new release strategy. Virginia lives in Missouri with her husband and three beautiful children.

Virginia is a Sea Dragon.

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