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Dragon Kings Boxset Four (Books 16-20)

Dragon Kings Boxset Four (Books 16-20)

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Over 500,000 copies sold. 5,000+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The Dragon Kings Book Sixteen
The Dragon Kings Book Seventeen
The Dragon Kings Book Eighteen 
The Dragon Kings Book Nineteen
The Dragon Kings Book Twenty

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Best dragon paranormal romance I have read!" -Reviewer

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I love a series because one book is never enough. And each book will have you binging before you even know it." -Reviewer

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Addictive series! If you are like me and binge read, make sure the house is clean before you start, then enjoy. :)-Reviewer


Isa has twenty-four hours to revive Liam.

Her entire soul is wracked with pain from his betrayal. She knows in the end that she’ll have to bring him back, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

When Liam’s body goes missing, Isa is frantic. Will she find him in time?

Meanwhile, Baden arrives in America with the tragic news. Deep in grief, Sid vows to avenge his death and war is finally on the horizon.

First Chapter

Isa stared at Liam, whose blood now stained her floor. Bile coated her throat, but she didn’t allow herself to throw up. She clutched at her stomach.

She didn’t know what to do with him. She had about twenty-four hours to make her decision, and a part of her wanted to leave him dead.

Another part of her didn’t.

Love and hate warred within her. Liam was a trained assassin.

She couldn’t believe he had betrayed her this way. She trusted him, and he admitted he’d been sent here to kill her. Never mind that her life really was in danger right now, and with Liam dead, she had to have someone else watch over her.

Pierre and the others had tried to warn her about him, but she hadn’t listened because she wanted to trust him. She liked him. No, she loved him. She wanted him to show her the world.

Dragon’s teeth, she’d been so utterly foolish.

Liam’s face looked peaceful like he was just asleep. If it wasn’t for the blood, no one would know. But there was blood, and if she left him dead, he would be the first person she killed for good.

She didn’t like that feeling.

Missy leapt off the bed and sniffed at Liam. Then, she glared at Isa. Was Missy on Liam’s side? She never spoke to Isa, and she’d always loved Liam. Isa shuddered at the thought that she might have to get rid of her beloved fox.

Missy curled up next to Liam but kept her eyes on Isa.

She wasn’t sure why Liam had come. Perhaps he was working with the rebels and maybe even the wizard who was trying to kill her. She had no idea where his loyalties lay.

Isa paced in front of the fireplace. She couldn’t look at Liam anymore. She tugged at her collar. It was too hot in here. Maybe she should head up to her tower where she could fling open the window. No, she had to stay here and think about the consequences of her actions.

The biggest one being whether she would regret this later.

Her mind raced through the things Liam had told her. He’d been sent to kill her, but instead, he fell in love.

She snorted.

Yeah, right. She wondered if the sealing was even real, if he faked it somehow. That would take some wicked magic, but obviously, there was a wizard in the castle, so not impossible.

Everything was starting to make sense. The assassination attempts didn’t start until he arrived. He was sent here to kill her, and now she knew the Americans wanted her dead too, just like the rebels.

She chewed on her bottom lip and stared at his face.

Maybe he was the wizard like Pierre claimed.

All the more reason to leave him dead.

But he’d admitted the truth, and he could’ve kept that secret. There must be a reason why he told her everything.

Maybe it was all part of his plan, and he thought by telling her, she’d trust him even more. He had to have been shocked when she killed him.

Oh, she should’ve listened to Pierre when he wanted to kill Liam himself. Then, she wouldn’t be in this mess, and his death wouldn’t be her fault. She closed her eyes. She loved this man, and if she left him dead, he’d never touch her face and stare deep into her eyes. He’d never make her laugh or throw snowballs for Missy.

Their relationship was all a sham.

But still. If she didn’t revive him, she would have to live with those memories haunting her for the rest of her life. She would come of age in less than a month, and she wasn’t ready for this.

She didn’t want any blood on her hands.

She wasn’t a cold-blooded killer, and she’d acted out of anger, not self-defense.

A knock sounded on the door, and Isa froze. It was early morning. She figured it was Grace, but Grace never knocked.

“Yes,” Isa finally called out.

“Are you decent?” Grace asked.

Isa snorted. Of course, she wasn’t decent at this moment.

But for reasons very different than Grace probably imagined.

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