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The Dragon Kings Book Thirty

The Dragon Kings Book Thirty

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Join Hughie, Pepper, and Ruby as they fight against Nicolas to save the dragons.

In the end will the kings and queens be revived or will they succumb to the wizard's curse?


Join Hughie, Pepper, and Ruby as they fight against Nicolas to save the dragons.

In the end will the kings and queens be revived or will they succumb to the wizard's curse?

First Chapter

It’d been a long time since Ruby had flown this far. She’d only had her dragon form for a few days, and aside from the first day, she hadn’t flown at all. If not for the negative circumstances, she might’ve enjoyed it. Her wings didn’t seem to get tired, and it felt good stretching them out.

Right now, she had to hurry. She could defeat Xanthous alone and take Gale back, but if the others showed up, it would be three against one, and even though she could hold her own, three was too much.

The flight to King’s Cave was about thirty minutes, and she used that time to think of a plan. She wished she’d taken a minute or two before she left and brought some things with her. The bacon would’ve been good. Gale would sniff it out and come to her if he got the chance.

But she didn’t.

If it came down to a fight, she was bigger, but she’d rarely fought as a dragon, and so she was at a disadvantage. Plus, she didn’t like fighting. She would if she had to though.

She would have to use stealth and her own wits to be successful. She could do this, but she wasn’t sure what she would do. She’d never been to King’s Cave, so she had no idea what to expect or where they would be. It might take her longer to find them than she wanted.

She felt a bit disheartened. She was walking into a completely unknown situation and had no clue what she was doing. This was life or death, and she could easily end up dead herself. The council had shown themselves to be merciless.

Was she doing the right thing?

She was putting herself at risk and neglecting her family at the same time. Damon could take care of them, but was that really fair? Her three young kids could be left without their mom.

All because of one small dragon who wasn’t even her own.

And even if she didn’t die, she might have to go into complete hiding for a while. She didn’t know when she’d see her family again. Maybe this was foolish. She knew what it was like to have a mom who was missing, and that was just as an adult. She couldn’t imagine what it was like for the younger kids.

But she couldn’t let them kill Gale.

The mountain for King’s Cave came into view, and Ruby flew inside. Bright red gems glittered around her, and in another life she would’ve paused to admire them. But for now, she had to focus on the task at hand.

Gale was the only thing that mattered.

After a few minutes, the tunnel opened up into a large cavern, but no one was in it. Ruby dropped to the ground and changed into her human form. She could be sneakier this way.

She kept to the sides of the cavern, which was lit with magical flames. She listened hard to see if she could figure out where Xanthous had gone.

There were several smaller tunnels leading out of the cavern, and Ruby snuck into the first one.

She still had no plan, but she was here.

And she would save Gale.

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