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The Dragon Kings Book Twenty-Four

The Dragon Kings Book Twenty-Four

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War has come to all. Damon and Ruby fight to overcome Jens and the rebels…Isa and Sid face an unexpected enemy…Grace and Liam aren’t sure how to defeat the wizard…
Secrets are unveiled and everyone is in a fight for their life.
Death is inevitable…The question is who will die and who will survive?


War has come to all.

Damon and Ruby fight to overcome Jens and the rebels…

Isa and Sid face an unexpected enemy…

Grace and Liam aren’t sure how to defeat the wizard…

Secrets are unveiled and everyone is in a fight for their life.

Death is inevitable…

The question is who will die and who will survive?

First Chapter

Damon shouldn’t be happy. They were about to go to war, and yet he felt like the luckiest guy alive. He had Ruby, and he needed nothing else. All they had to do was survive the impending battle.

Yesterday, when Damon and Ruby arrived at Val’s house, preparations were already underway to defend against the green dragons. Skye and Rowan took over the responsibility, for which Damon was grateful, and he didn’t have to do anything but stay close to Ruby. Though, Hermes seemed to only want to report to him.

But as nightfall hit, there was still no sign of attack. Hermes reported in with Damon every hour or so, but the forest dragons weren’t on the move at all. Damon wasn’t sure what they were waiting for, and that made him nervous.

Everyone camped out with the babies. Damon and Ruby got sleeping bags near each other, but Hughie wiggled in between them.

He woke early the next morning to squabbling dragon babies at his back, and a jet of purple flame nearly singed his hair.

He scrambled out of his sleeping bag. Ruby was still fast asleep with her arm slung around Hughie. The tussling dragons flew to the other side of the room, and Damon went in search of Skye.

He opened one of the sliding glass doors. Twenty gold and silver dragons stood watch outside. Hermes fluttered down from a tree and landed next to Damon but didn’t say anything. He wondered if this little guy would be his from here on out. That would be nice.

Skye and Rowan were deep in conversation when Damon approached.

“It’s not enough.” Skye looked over their crew, mostly older dragons and young mothers.

“We’ve been here before. We can do this.” Rowan put a hand on her shoulder. “Morning, Damon.”

Skye spun around. “Thank you for the warning. We never would’ve been prepared without you.”

“No problem. I’ll gladly fight as well.” Damon could not sit back and watch them get slaughtered. Even though he hadn’t fought as a dragon before, he fully planned on helping out here.

Skye sighed. “I actually want you and Ruby with the kids.”

Damon stood tall. “We can fight.” He hated it when adults underestimated him.

“I’m not asking you to hide. I’m asking you to protect them. Everyone else will be needed out here. The eagles said the forest dragons are preparing their attack. We will try to head them off in the air so they don’t get close, but we know they will. You, Ruby, and Hazel will be there to protect the kids. You will get to fight even if I wish that weren’t so.”

It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and Damon understood. He’d be better here on the ground anyway.

“Do you have weapons?” he asked. He wanted to prepare himself.

Skye pointed to two large boxes on the edge of the patio. Hazel was already there, picking through them.

She extracted a short sword and examined it. “Oh, hey, Damon, I heard you and Ruby will be with me, protecting the kids.”

“I am.”

She plunged her hand back into the box and pulled out a long glittering sword. “Here, take the dragon slayer.”

“Thanks.” Nobody had allowed him to even hold this type of weapon before, let alone wield it.

“You’ve been trained with a sword, right?”

He nodded, and Hazel looked around the field. “I’m afraid there will be too many of them and not enough of us.”

Damon hated the fear that consumed everyone. “Me too. But we can’t just run away.”

She frowned. “What we need is back up, but anyone who can fight has gone overseas.”

Damon crossed his arms and studied the dragons scattered about.

“All of them? Including the sea and river dragons?” he asked.

“The sea dragons for sure, but I don’t know about the river.”

Damon grabbed a few more swords and headed toward the house. If the river dragons made it up here, they could fortify the defenses. Nearly all of them survived the last war, so there were more of them than just about any kind of dragon. He couldn’t abandon everyone now though. He had to stay here.

“You up for a trip?” he asked Hermes.

Whatever you need.

“I need you to fly to the river dragons and convince them to come help us. You’ve seen what we are up against. I don’t think we’ll survive without help.”

Hermes gave a nod and flew south.

Damon sighed. They’d all be lucky to be alive the next day.

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