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Circus of the Dead Book Nine

Circus of the Dead Book Nine

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At first, it seems like no one died on the new moon, but when a mysterious letter shows up on Samuel’s doorstep, Juliette has to race after him to find the body.

They tear through the woods and find a ship wreck where one of Juliette’s students has died. Samuel shares the letters he’s received over the last couple of years and Juliette thinks she might know just how to find the culprit.

But when her methods anger Samuel and he sets off on his own, it might be Juliette doing the rescuing this time…


Isa stands up to her council While she succeeds in freeing Liam from the dungeons, the danger has just begun.

She unleashes an assassin in the castle and while all signs point to Liam, she refuses to believe it.

Will her tendency to trust rather than suspect ultimately lead to her demise?

Meanwhile Damon asks Ruby to put aside their differences so they can work together to help Liam. Ruby flat out refuses, wanting nothing to do with the arrogant prick.

But when Damon crosses a line, Ruby might never forgive him….

First Chapter

Isa marched down to the dungeons with Drew on one side and Grace on the other. She’d never asserted herself like this as queen before, and it felt amazing. She hoped it wouldn’t create a rift too large between her and the guardians. They were her family, and she didn’t like tension, but she supposed this wouldn’t be the last time she disagreed with them.

And honestly, what they were doing was ridiculous.

Jude was on guard at the doors. He grinned at Isa, but his face fell when he saw Drew decked out in armor and armed to the teeth. He had no idea what was about to hit him.

“What’s the matter?” He put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Isa cocked her head. “What do you mean? Nothing is wrong.” She kept her voice sugary sweet. She had to do this right.

Jude looked past her to Drew with a furrowed brow. Isa shouldn’t be enjoying this, but she was. Maybe she was just giddy about getting Liam out.

“Then, why is Drew dressed like he’s going to war?”

“Because I asked him to. I would like the key to Liam’s cell.” She held her hand out.

A flurry of emotions crossed Jude’s face as he processed what she said. His grip tightened on his sword. “I can’t do that,” he said through gritted teeth, finally understanding her theatrics. Good, he was smarter than she thought. Which would come in handy when she needed him to defend her.

“Am I your queen?” She spoke with all the authority she could muster.

“Yes, but I can’t give you the keys.” He kept his eyes on Drew.

Isa took a step forward and ran a finger down Jude’s face. “Love, give me the key. That is a direct order from your queen.” She decided to try a different tact. Maybe he’d respond better to his lust.

Jude gave a stiff shake of his head, and Isa sighed dramatically and stepped back.

“Fine. Drew, kill him and take the keys.” This would be the moment of truth. She didn’t know if Drew would really protect her or not. If he did, then she knew exactly who she’d want by her side in an altercation. She’d stop him before he actually killed Jude.

Drew whipped out his sword, and Jude’s eyes widened as he stepped back. “Dragon’s teeth! Isa, what are you doing?”

Drew placed the sword tip at Jude’s throat. “Give Isa the key, or you die. It’s simple, really.”

Grace gripped Isa’s arm, but Isa stayed focused on Jude. Isa hated the look of fear on his face, but she was pleased that Drew had listened to her. She wouldn’t let him kill Jude, but at this moment, Jude didn’t know that.

She’d sparred with all of them before, Grace included, and she’d never seen that look before. It was a look she hoped she’d never see again.

Jude swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “Only Pierre has the key to Liam’s cell.”

Isa closed her eyes. This was a complication she wasn’t prepared for. She could stand up to any of the guardians but Pierre. He was like a father, and she was never comfortable defying him.

But she had to do this. The way they were treating Liam wasn’t right. And she was queen. It was time they all learned that.

“Lady Grace, fetch Pierre from the study. Tell him we have a situation at the dungeon. Drew, you keep your sword right where it is.”

Jude sputtered but didn’t say anything as Grace rushed for the study. Drew smirked, but Isa didn’t find the situation funny at all. She supposed Drew was enjoying this a bit. He’d always been considered the youngest guardian and was typically just an errand boy.

She was a little nervous that this would turn ugly. She wished Seamus was on the other side of Drew’s sword because she didn’t like humiliating Jude like this. Plus, if push came to shove, she wasn’t sure she’d stop Drew from killing Seamus. She’d bring him back to life, but that was one guardian she wished to replace. Isa hated the way Grace looked every time she saw him. As far as Isa could tell, Seamus hadn’t bothered her again, but he never should’ve, in the first place.

The time passed excruciatingly slow, but she held her silence. She didn’t want this to look anything less than serious when Pierre showed up. Footsteps rushed down the hall, and all three of them tensed.

Pierre grabbed Drew’s arm and Drew turned on him, sword at his face. Pierre’s eyes promised murder. Isa stepped between them and Jude so he couldn’t try to help.

Then, she placed a hand on Drew’s arm and lowered it. He’d more than proven his loyalty to her today.

“What is the meaning of this?” Pierre asked, eyes blazing.

“Give me the key to Liam’s cell,” Isa demanded, straightening so she stood tall. Not that it helped. Pierre still towered over her.

“Your Majesty,” he huffed. “I won’t do that. He’s a threat to your safety.”

“Are you questioning my judgment?” She crossed her arms and stared him down.

“Of course not. But you don’t know him.”

“Oh, but I do. I have been visiting him in the late nights.”

Pierre’s eyes flashed from Drew to Jude. “And why was I not made aware of this?”

She waited until he looked at her again. “Because I made sure to only visit when the guard fell asleep. It was quite easy with Seamus. The key, Pierre.” She kept her hand out to make sure the real reason she was here was never misunderstood.

Pierre shook his head. “I have pledged to protect your safety, and I will not compromise it.”

She took a step forward, knowing this was a turning point, not only in their relationship but also in her role in the castle and kingdom. “Am I your queen?”

“Yes, and that is precisely why I will not put you in danger.” He was not backing down. She knew he might not, but she wasn’t really prepared for it.

“I command you to let him out,” she said in her most authoritative voice, making sure it didn’t sound petulant and whiny.

Pierre’s face had gone red. He growled. “And if I don’t?”

Isa waved a hand to Drew, who still had his sword out. “Then Drew will kill you.”

“Dragon’s teeth! This is absurd.”

Her hand was still outstretched. “It really is, isn’t it? The key, Pierre?”

He hesitated a moment longer and then dug in his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He dropped them into her hand.

“This is a bad idea. If you die, it will be my fault.” He was being overdramatic, but at this point, she didn’t care. She was getting Liam out.

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