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Circus of the Dead Book Eight

Circus of the Dead Book Eight

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After killing two monsters and befriending a third, Juliette is getting the hang of this business.

Between her job, school, and hot new boy toy, she’s learning to love Madison Island.

But after another mysterious death and new arrivals in town, Juliette’s got her hands full.

Not to mention that Mason goes missing and Samuel puts her on the task of finding him.

Will it all be too much, or will Juliette figure out how to save the day once again?


With Liam in the hands of the queen, Sid has no idea what to do.

As plans for war heat up, Sid questions his ability to lead his people.

Meanwhile at the castle, Liam manages to hang on to his life, but is sent down to a cold dungeon.

He must win the heart of the queen to get out, but her people have told her that he’s there to kill her.

Late night meetings with her maid Grace might be his only way out.

He has to act fast though or he might not live to see another day….

First Chapter

Isa stared at the man on the ground. She tried poking his face and tugging on his arms, but he wouldn’t wake up. This wasn’t good. Isa shivered, rubbed her arms, and then blew into her hands, warming her face. Maybe she shouldn’t have given him her cloak. But he might die.

She stared out through the trees. Missy needed to run faster.

Isa stood and lifted the man’s feet. She pulled on him but couldn’t move him more than a few inches. Isa was highly skilled in many things, but brute strength was not one of them. It would take her too long to get to the castle. She hoped Missy brought at least two or three men with her. Otherwise, they’d never get him back alive.

The snow began to fall harder, and the wind started up. Isa paced in circles around the man, trying to keep herself warm. He was so exotic looking. His skin was not as pale as most of the guardians and his hair a golden blonde, though he wore it long like Jude. His dark lashes rested on his smooth skin. He was beyond handsome.

His clothes were like none she’d ever seen, and although they were winter clothes, they weren’t sturdy enough for the extreme cold. She wondered for a second if he was a dragon.

That’s stupid. Dragons would fly in, not freeze to death in the woods. How did he get here and manage to stay alive so far? She had so many questions, but if he died, she would never get those answers.

A motion came from the trees, and Isa stared through the snow. Finally. Missy bounded toward her, Grace following.

Isa’s heart sank. Grace wouldn’t be able to help at all. She wasn’t any stronger than Isa.

“Dragon’s Teeth! What’s this?” Grace asked, her eyes wide. She’d hastily thrown on a cloak and gloves, but she wasn’t dressed for a long time outside either.

“A man I’ve never seen before, but there is no way you and I will get him to the castle. I need you to bring me guardians, three or four of them at least.”

Missy growled, and Isa dropped her eyes to the man, but he still hadn’t stirred. Missy stared at her but didn’t growl again. She’d never understood that fox.

Grace looked once more at the man and raced toward the castle though it wasn’t easy because she hadn’t put on snowshoes. Grace took far longer than Isa would’ve liked. He would freeze to death before people got here to help him.

Missy lay across the man’s chest and nuzzled his cheek, her white fur bright against his chapped face.

“You like him too?” Isa couldn’t explain her attraction to him, but she wanted him to live.

Missy swished her tail back and forth.

Isa knelt on the ground and studied the man some more. She’d never had an outsider in the castle before, and she was so excited to learn more about him.

That is if he survived.

“What are you doing here?” she muttered to him.

Missy yelped, and the man flinched. Isa shook him. “Are you awake? You have to get up.”

He wouldn’t die out here after all.

He groaned, and Missy yelped again, pushing against his cheek with her nose.

Isa grabbed his shoulders. “Come on, wake up.”

His eyelids fluttered open, and Isa stared into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen.

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